The TEPOR – Port Terminal of Macaé – comes as key element for the economic development of Macaé. The port was designed for operations with crude oil and its derivatives and with natural gas, as well as to provide logistic support for the offshore activities in the region.

The TEPOR onshore area will comprise a total of up to 6,000,000 m2 and will include bonded storage yards and warehouses. It is also included on its onshore area:

– Crude Oil Storage Terminal, with 4.5 million barrels of storage capacity.

– Fuel Storage Terminal, with 420,000 m3 of storage capacity.

– Natural Gas Processing Plant (“UPGN”), with 60 million m3/day of processing capacity.

The port will have two offshore terminals:
The TERMINAL A, which consists of a liquid bulk and offshore support terminal, which will be connected to land by a 4km long bridge and have 16.5 meters depth.

It will be composed of two berths for liquid products handling operations, connected by pipelines to an onshore storage terminal for fuels, chemical products and other oil derived products, with total storage capacity of 420,000 m3.

It will also have a berth with a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), through which LNG cargos can be received and a reserved area for future LNG storage tanks.

The offshore support terminal will have 9 berths for supply boats. It will also be able to host long range ships for general cargo handling as well as oil rigs and platforms for maintenance and decommissioning.

The TERMINAL B, for handling of crude oil, with two berths under completely sheltered conditions and natural depth of 27 meters, able to host VLCC ships. The terminal will be able to handle up to 2 million barrels of crude oil in one day.

The berths will be connected by oil pipelines to the crude oil storage and blending terminal located onshore, with storage capacity of 4.5 million barrels.





Due to its integration with CLIMA – Industrial & Logistic Complex of Macaé, through the Transportuária Road, TEPOR will be able to rely on a vast complementary onshore area, which will allow a more efficient port operation. The projects were designed in order to optimize logistics operations, thus bringing possible cost reductions to its users.

Port Terminal of Macaé
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